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Introducing Our Bed Bug Control Solutions

Join us as we delve into Simcoe PestX’s exclusive page focused on tackling the issue of Bed Bug Control. Here, we present an array of thorough details and successful methodologies to handle and thwart bed bug invasions. Feel free to immerse yourself in the forthcoming information, which will grant you valuable expertise and pragmatic advice on how to effectively combat bed bug predicaments.

Why Choose Simcoe PestX?

Having accumulated years of practical knowledge, we have effectively resolved diverse infestations caused by ants. Our team members have obtained licenses and undergone rigorous training to deliver exceptional pest management solutions. Our main focus is on ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and achieving efficient outcomes that endure over time.

Interesting Facts About Carpenter Bed Bugs

Carpenter bed bugs, also known as Cimex lectularius carpenteri, are a subspecies of the common bed bug (Cimex lectularius) that primarily infests bats. Here are some interesting facts about these particular bed bugs. The Text Rewritten: Bed bugs of the carpenter variety have developed the ability to primarily sustain themselves on bats as their source of food. They have specifically adjusted themselves to cater to the distinctive traits and habits exhibited by bats.These particular bed bugs are frequently discovered in areas where bats habitually rest, such as caves, attics, or deserted buildings. The prevalence and distribution of these bed bugs are intimately connected to the existence of bat colonies.

Organize and Clear Spaces:

  • Remove unnecessary items and declutter the infested area.
  • Place belongings in sealed plastic bags to prevent bed bug spread



Sealing Gaps and Cracks:

  • Seal any cracks or gaps in walls, baseboards, and furniture.
  • Eliminate potential hiding spots for bed bugs.
  • Empty drawers, nightstands, and closets.
  • Dispose of or treat infested items appropriately.
  • By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll enhance the effectiveness of the bed bug extermination process and minimize the chances of re-infestation.


Over Comprehensive Pest Control Services


Our Bed Bugs Control Service Area

Across a broad service area, Simcoe PestX is delighted to offer our specialized services for controlling bed bugs. Our team of dedicated professionals is fully committed to providing comprehensive and efficient solutions to effectively handle infestations caused by these pests. Catering to the diverse pest management needs of various communities is our top priority.

Bed Bugs Bugging You? We’re Here to Help!

The average homeowner encounters a lot of different pests, but bed bugs are among the worst. As they come out to feed at night and hide flat in crevices during the day, they can appear like mosquito bites.


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